My love of Bernese started back when I was a teenager watching the Westminster Dog Show with my grandfather. I've always loved big dogs but the Bernese just had something special. Every year we would watch the show and I would say

 " one day Pop I'm gonna have them". Well that day came in July 2003 with our first berner, Anja. I totally fell in love with her and the breed. I've never been so excited about a dog before. She was well worth the wait! Anja introduced me to the world of dog shows, conformation to be exact. We always had fun if I was showing her or our friend Chuck. I met many new people through Anja that are still my friends today. She taught me great love and also heartbreaking loss. I always wanted a puppy out of Anja but when she was bred she never took. Sadly we lost her in April of 2008 to unknown causes. She will forever be remembered by everyone she met and remain in my heart forever~

I am a member of the BMDCA, our national club. Our dogs are health tested prior to breeding and are of the breed standard. We are not showing at the moment but do try to attend the National Specialty and other local shows.​​

We love all our dogs and they are our close companions every day, they live in our home,  and only get the best of everything. I have been actively involved on berners since late 2002 and only recently ( 2010) had our first litter, "Cocktail litter", it was such a joy to watch them grow, a litter almost 9 years in the making for us!


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