Here at Amore we make every effort to breed from healthy dogs by researching pedigrees, maintaining health clearances on our dogs and making sure the stud owners have done the same. I research pedigrees to look for what type's of cancers may be in the lines, dates of death for longevity and not only the immediate dogs but the offspring as well!

We approach every day living with our dogs and puppies in the most natural enviroment we can. I believe in a holistic approach in veterinary care, minimal vaccines along with natural flea and tick preventatives. A quality food  with fresh meats, herbs, bones and fresh water clear of any chemicals are important.

Our Natural Living Approach

* Allow dog to mature prior to spay/neuter, and expect the same of our puppy owners

* Fresh foods along with a quality kibble diet free of BHT/BHA

* NO topical chemicals for flea/tick preventatives, we use natural garlic granules processed for use in dogs

* minimal vaccines, prefer to start with single parvo then start with distemper and obtain titers only before giving more vaccines

* No lawn treatments, snow or ice chemicals, harsh household chemicals...yes we have weeds in our lawn :)

* We feed raw bones...knuckle or soup bones

* low physical stress in growing puppies... no stairs, running with big dogs, jumping from high places, over exercised, and maintain healthy a weight

* Natural supplements- Mega C, Green Lipped sea mussel, joint support

* Chiropractic adjustments when needed

* No dog parks

* Quality treats or fresh vegatables and fruit

 We expect our puppy owners to follow our same protocol with their berner and enter them into so all health information can be updated as needed.

Amores Breeding Philosophy