Feeding your dog a high quality balanced dog food is very important!

Here at Amore we feed  Fromm 4-Star, we alternate between the different flavors along with adding in Yogurt, sardines packed in water, cottage cheese, ground turkey and beef, eggs, Salmon, can Merrick, wellness, and Fromm along with dinner leftovers of vegetables and meat.  Of course all of these are not put in at the same time!! Our dogs and puppies also enjoy raw meaty bones for chewing.

You can also go to www.dogfoodanalysis.com to look up the current food your using. With so many good quality foods out there now there is no reason to use low grade foods, most are not any different in price then the "grocery store" brands. Dogs are what you put in them!

We also suggest using a Holistic Veterinarian for your berner. They are more understanding about vaccines and their reactions, and the importance of core vaccines only! Many have single vaccines and will willingly run titers. Vaccinosis is real and can kill your dog!

​​Along with quality food we also use supplements to support our dogs immune system and joints. I highly recommend Mega-C Plus* excellent source for growing hips and immune function, our puppy owners will be required to keep the dogs on this for a minimal of 2 years, but we prefer lifetime! Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM is also given daily along with  green lippid sea mussel from New Zealand. Probiotics are helpful also.

*MegaC Plus can be purchased from- ​​ www.belfield.com